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The ScaleBan™ technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of hard water and it's limescaling effects. The ScaleBan™ is non-invasive and non-chemical by design. It is suitable for practically all hard water treatment situations. This is especially true for well and septic homes. Also, low sodium diet or calcium skin sensitivity health situations are typically improved.

The ScaleBan™ is an electronic instrument that requires neither plumbing work to install nor chemicals for it's operation. The ScaleBan™ is designed for a professional installation, but it's portable. If you move following your ScaleBan™ investment, it can move right along with you. Operating costs for the ScaleBan™ are less than $3.00 per year in electricity.

As you may know, most water supplies contain dissolved calcium. This calcium causes hardness, and when it precipitates from it's dissolved state it creates calcite, or limescale. The limescale eventually clogs up pipes and kills your water heater, while the hardness turns soaps into scum and makes routine clean-ups harder every single day.

Water hardness has been traditionally defined in terms of the amount of calcium and/or magnesium carbonates present, because it's so easy to test for. However, this definition does not address the effects caused by the hardness. ScaleBan™ eliminates the hardness effects without ever touching the water, nor adding any chemicals at all. Functionally softened, but chemically unchanged water that is absolutely safe to use. Please remember that any particular water taste or odor will also remain unchanged with this process.

ScaleBan™ water treatment uses Molecular Surface Energy Realignments to neutralize the dissolved calcium carbonates that cause hardness. MSER ingeniously uses the resonant energy forces that are developed on charged particles, the dissolved ions, moving in electromagnetic fields to alter the molecular surface energy states. Surface energy states determine how physical crystals form during precipitation. In this case, ionic calcium carbonate is treated so that electrically neutral aragonite is formed rather than calcite, or limescale. Both calcite and aragonite ... CaCO3 ... are chemically identical. These two crystals simply have different physical structures and therefore behave differently. One causes hard water and the other doesn't. Now, soaps will really bubble, cleanup is much easier and the water feels silky soft, not oily or slimy as salt softened water commonly does.

Before treatment
2000x magnification

Sample (A) before treatment magnification level 2000 x Calcite crystals

After treatment
2000x magnification

Sample (B) after treatment magnification level 2000 x Aragonite crystals

The MSER signal from the solid state circuitry flows to a solenoid coil wound around the main supply pipe. This coil develops our patent pending multiple modulation frequency field that immediately neutralizes the hardness producing dissolved calcium carbonate. This process is independent of the flow rate within the pipe. Full treatment is accomplished for variable demand flows. i.e.: Refilling a toilet tank to a wide open faucet. The net result: functionally softened water with greatly increased calcium carbonate solubility. This is why most existing plumbing scale deposits will safely re-dissolve within a relatively short period of time.

Descaling following treatment is flow rate dependent. The more water you use, the faster it will re-dissolve plumbing line scale as shown below. The neutralized, softened, water is immediately available without any "downtime" for frequent regeneration, or the need to do anything special following installation.

Un-retouched photos of a 2" riser pipe taken from an actual industrial ScaleBan™ installation.

ScaleBan / Scale Ban is a revolutionary non-invasive, non-chemical, non-polluting, safe and clean system for descaling your whole water system including pipes, tanks, boilers, kettles etc. ScaleBan / Scale Ban will remove the scale deposits that are already in your water system.

ScaleBan / Scale Ban's unique features make it THE BEST method for all descaling requirements from normal domestic use, to commercial and full industrial requirements.

Recent studies seem to show that aragonite may be used more effectively by plants. For example, an Israeli government desert agricultural research station used our ScaleBan™ to eliminate drip irrigation nozzle scaling. To their surprise, they found their plants grew much bigger and faster than the same plants receiving the same water, only untreated. Their nozzle scaling problem was also quickly fixed.

It's also interesting to note here that natural pearls are largely made of the aragonite form of calcium. Oysters started converting calcium into aragonite millions of years ago. The ScaleBan™ treatment electronically duplicates the naturally proven biochemical processes used by oysters.

All water cycles through an evaporation phase collecting in the atmosphere as clouds. Then, as rain it precipitates from the clouds, dissolving some atmospheric carbon dioxide and becoming mildly acidic as it falls to the earth. The mildly acidic rainwater then soaks into the earth dissolving calcium carbonate from the rocks. Calcium carbonate is the primary component of limestone or chalk, both of which are abundant. Dissolved calcium carbonate forms calcium hydrogencarbonate, a salt.

INSTALLATION: The ScaleBan™ unit requires a 110/220 VAC power outlet within five (5) feet of the installation. The best location for installation is immediately after the water meter, before any plumbing line tees, so the entire plumbing system gets lime descaled. The unit may also be installed outdoors at a well head for example, if it is weatherproofed. If used on a well, we recommend installing the unit on the pressure tank outlet line. Because the unit is a solid state device, it can be mounted in any position needed.

For slab-built homes with an outdoor water meter, we suggest mounting the unit indoors and run the signal cable through an exterior wall to the pipe using an easily sealed "1/4" hole drilled through the exterior wall.

If you have a salt softener, just unplug it and bypass the plumbing. You must bypass the softener plumbing. All calcium stored in the ion-exchange bed will quickly re-dissolve causing a real flood of extra-hard water. ScaleBan™ treated water will act on the stored calcium just like it is limescale ... it really will re-dissolve it!

USE: The treated, neutralized, water immediately starts dissolving scale buildup in the pipes. The scale comes off one molecule at a time, just like it went on. Filters and screens don't plug up. If you have never used a softener before, you are in for a real treat. Your water will feel silky, and you will notice that your hair rinses "squeaky clean" after a shampoo. Former salt softener users will also appreciate this good feeling, with none of the slimy "I never feel quite rinsed clean" stuff anymore.

If you have replaced a salt softener you may notice the water becoming harder as piping scale begins dissolving and wonder, "what have I done?" This re-hardening is a consequence of the descaling. It will improve daily as the existing scale melts away. The plumbing took years to get the way it is, and it only takes a short time to clean it up. We also recommend draining your water heater regularly.

If you use a dishwasher and replaced a salt softener you may notice calcium spotting. This will diminish to the residual level of the calcium present in your water supply when the descaling is finished. In the mean time, add a half cup of household vinegar to the rinse cycle to eliminate the spotting problems.

You will also notice that really hard to clean limescale on toilet bowls, tubs, and glass shower stalls will come off much more easily after the first several weeks of use. A side benefit of ScaleBan™ treated water is that naturally present micro-organisms causing black mold in the bath area will diminish, or go away completely.

Another common problem is scaling caused by back splashing on faucets and shower enclosures. Because there is no direct water flow across these surfaces, un-like inside the pipes, the scale must be manually removed. Once cleaned, new accumulations of aragonite will wipe off easily.

FIRST NINETY DAYS: All descaling should be completed and you will be left with soft water from every tap and clean pipes. If you are not satisfied with the improvements offered by the ScaleBan™ at this time, you may exercise your Performance Guarantee return privilege by contacting Lehmier Electric & Water Treatment.

Typical Salt Softener Operating Costs:

Salt = 4 lb/regeneration for a 30 grain hardness Water for regeneration cycle = 40 gallons/cycle Regeneration = (4) times weekly recommended

Brine costs:
$5.00 per (40) pounds salt delivered. $4.00 per 1000 gallons for water & sewage (4) regens/week = 208 regens/year 208 regens x 4~ salt = 832# salt/year 832# x $5.00/40# = $104/year salt costs
208 regens/yr x 40 gal x $4.00/1000 = $33.28 water

Annual salt softener operating costs = $137 per yr.

Note: These "typical" salt softener operating costs assume a properly adjusted softener system and a (30) grain water hardness value. If the softener equipment has not had service maintenance for some time and/or your water is harder, the operating costs will be proportionately higher.

The ScaleBan™ will treat calcium hardness only. If you have any other water quality problems such as: iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, copper, pH too acidic, pH too basic, sediments, bad taste, bad odors, etc., you will need a different technology for that problem. Please ask us about your special filtering needs.

If you currently use a reverse osmosis filter on your drinking water tap, you will find that ScaleBan™ treated water significantly extends the filter membrane life.

Domestic coil fuel oil or natural gas fired hot water heat exchanger systems require a proprietary Dealer installed filter cartridge system. For electric hot water heaters we strongly recommend replacing the upper and lower heating elements with Lifetime stainless steel-nickel alloy elements, along with using the proprietary filter cartridge system. 

The filter mentioned above is a Hexametaphosphate cartridge. We highly recommend this to be used on the cold water lines feeding a domestic coil in a boiler and or an electric water heater.

PCC2 and PCC1 cartridges contain food-grade hexametaphosphate which dissolves slowly in water to prevent scale and rust build-up. This type of treatment is recommended for use with ice machines, coffee makers, vending machines, food service equipment, water heaters, boilers, air conditioning equipment and many other types of water processing equipment.

To best meet your needs, the full contact cartridges are available in 3 feeder sixes, (6, 12, and 18 oz.) and all materials are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) grade. They are highly effective at treating scale, corrosion and iron problems for up to six months to a year at various flow rates and feed concentrations. 

Cartridges are designed to fit the standard housings, and act as full-contact phosphate feeders, which allow all water which enters the filter to pass through the hexametaphosphate crystals. 

Scale: Hardness particles are kept separated so they cannot precipitate and form deposits when heated. 

Corrosion: A protective coating is formed on all metal surfaces, safe-guarding against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride turbulence and other factors which effect the corrosion that leads to "rusting out" of water equipment and pipes. 

Iron: Dissolved iron, up to 1 ppm, is kept suspended in solution (sequestered), decreasing exposure to air, and preventing dissolved iron from precipitating, causing staining, discoloration and undesirable flavor.


All ScaleBan™ 2000 units come with a full three (3) year operating guarantee. The starting date of the guarantee is the shipping date shown on your invoice and is automatically registered. Please keep your invoice copy.

The guarantee is: if the ScaleBan™ electronic signal generator circuitry fails for any reason, other than fires, floods, or other catastrophic acts of God, we will repair or replace the unit at no additional cost. The User is responsible for initial unit return shipping costs. This guarantee does not extend to any other electrical or water appliance, or device, that may be employed by User of ScaleBan™. We accept no liability for the malfunction of any device other than ScaleBan™ which has, either directly or indirectly, been sold to the User. Additionally, power transformer failure due to power line surges, or spikes, is the User's responsibility.

The ScaleBan™ does not affect the portability or chemistry of the treated water as there is nothing physically in contact with the water. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for the User's water quality.


This guarantee covers the first 90 days of the Warranty period. You must use the ScaleBan™ for at least 90 days before returns may be authorized. This is to ensure User satisfaction regarding the ScaleBan™ 2000 water treatment system performance, which often requires considerable cleaning of existing scales from the piping system.

After initial installation of the ScaleBan™ unit please observe the following:

1) Begin paying attention to the resulting water quality. i.e. do soaps bubble better, hair and skin feel cleaner after rinsing, bath tub scum stops forming, existing scale begins softening, or wiping away, normal cleaning becomes easier, etc.

2) After three to four weeks of use, follow the separate instructions provided for draining your water lines. You should see murky, rusty, sludge being discharged from the open tap upon re-pressurizing the plumbing lines. (New homes or new plumbing lines will not.)

3) After three to four weeks of use, follow the separate instructions provided for draining your water heater under line pressure. You should see similar results as item 2. above, coming out of the water heater drain line. 

4) If you do not experience any of the above, recheck that the flashing LED array is still displaying a full scale reading and that the Green LED is lit. If these checks do not show any problems, please call Lehmier Electric for additional assistance. 

5) If you remain dissatisfied with the results after 90 days please call Lehmier Electric to obtain a Return Authorization. Then, you may return the unit postage paid and undamaged in original packing for a full equipment purchase price refund less a 10% restocking charge. Dealer optional installation charges and sales tax are not refundable under this Performance Guarantee.

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