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Lehmier Electric has been in business since 1980. We've installed more than 8000 ScaleBan™ Units. We're a good standing member of the Better Business Bureau. Ted Lehmier personally stands by what he sells. "If it's not good enough for my home, then it's not good enough for yours." "I have had the ScaleBan™ installed in my house for years and I also have the automatic emergency electric generator system." "I only sell what I personally use"

ScaleBan™ has been sold and installed around the world. Now we are making the information available to you via the internet. Ted Lehmier of Lehmier Electric is a Licensed and Insured Electrician. Lehmier Electric specializes in non-chemical water treatment. We will treat almost any water problem you may have without salt or chemicals. Lehmier Electric also specializes in plumbing related to water treatment problems, well pressure tanks and water heaters. Lehmier Electric also does water testing for calcium hardness, pH, iron, total dissolved solids (TDS) and nitrates.

Lehmier Electric is a good standing member of the Lancaster Building Association. We have thousands of satisfied electrical and water customers and references are available upon request.

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